Projects > Escondido Creek Watershed MULTIPLE TRANSACTIONS COMPLETED, representing buyers and sellers (Unincorporated Area near Escondido and San Marcos)

Since 2008, LCB has been working as a broker for the Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC) on key land transactions in the Escondido Creek watershed. Located in the unincorporated County of San Diego near the cities of Escondido and San Marcos, the watershed is home to some of the most endangered landscapes in the region including habitat for the coastal California gnatcatcher. Critical parcels have been prioritized and LCB is working closely with public and private funders to secure conservation funds so that willing sellers can sell their lands for conservation. In 2009, LCB helped TECC secure a 119-acre property from a private entity, Family Radio; the property was sold by TECC in a simultaneous transaction to the County of San Diego for $3,200,000. In 2012, LCB assisted in the purchase and sale of the 502-acre University Heights property for $7,400,000 to a private interim owner with TECC retaining an option to purchase once it secures long-term funding. In November of 2013, Ann Van Leer also became the contract executive director of TECC, helping TECC with strategic planning and other land conservation initiatives. In 2015, LCB helped TECC acquire the Cielo B property, a property that has been on TECC’s priority list for over two decades! Purchase price was $13,000,000. Other opportunities to secure key pieces of land in the watershed are currently underway. Willing sellers in the Escondido Creek Watershed are urged to contact Ann Van Leer at

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